Cheragi & Batali Hill

Cheragi Hill


Cheragi hill is involved with the history of naming of Chittagong. Accoding to the Historians, approximately 600 years ago Badar Awlia, a saint came here to preach Islam. At first when he tried to enter here this place was reigned by giant Dzinns. He took one piece of land for religious practice by persuading them. The story goes that he lit a candle and took that portion of land for his use which was enlightened by this candle. Afterwards the whole city was covered with the light of his Candles and ultimately the giant Dzinns were driven away. This Candle is called Chati in local dialect. From local name chati of cherag, then chatigram and finally it became Chittagong. At present a monument has been erected at the joint road of Jamal Khan.  


Batali Hill


If you like to see entire Chittagong city you will have  to climb Batali Hill. This is tower of nature for seeing the Cittagong Town as just like Tokyo tower, Paris tower abroad.



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