Foyes Lake

Foyes Lake:  Artificial lake constructed by the Assam –Bengal railway in 1924 near Khulshi not far from the Pahartali  Railway Station in Chittagong.. This lake is fairly big in size and was created by erecting an embankment across a narrow valley from one hill top to the other. Geologically, these hills are composed of dupi tila formation. It has prepared by planning of Chief Engineer Mr. Foy, for this reason name is Foy’s Lake.


Green of high and low hill, Journey by boat in clean water and Zoo, this lake has great appeal for local people. Recently, private parjatan organization Entertainment Ltd. have increased beautification of the Lake when they have get respobsibility from Government. It has become popular with tourist by adding new items of entertainment, improving communication and security system.






Picture of Foyes Lake




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