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Tourism or Parjatan Place of Khagrachari | English
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Description AboutTourism or Parjatan Place of Khagrachari

From this page, tourists can be informed about the travel information of Khagrachari district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is an hyperlink of an informative video which will give a clear idea about the place by watching the video and will make them interested in traveling.

Pond of the gods


About 20 km away from the city is the pond of the gods on a huge high hill in Nunchhari of Sadar upazila. Another name for it is Mataipukhiri. Leaving the highway, you have to cross a somewhat inaccessible path on a winding path on the slope of the hill to reach the bottom of the hill of the gods. You have to cross a small jhiri path and go up the hilly path. Getting up from here will capture all around like a picture. This reservoir is at the very top of a huge high hill. He has no fatigue in telling the tourists the history of the pond of the gods.

Richang Fountain

About 11 km away from the city is a beautiful natural waterfall. After walking for a while behind the Alutila hill, you have to leave the highway and walk on the brick paved hill path. No more cars in one place on the go. The roads here are more inaccessible. There is a long way to go down the hilly path. On foot you can find the Rishang Falls cut through the hills. There is an endless stream of water flowing down the hill with a squeaking sound. Shunshan silence all around. Ignoring the silence of the hills, the stream of richangya is flowing.


Alutila hills are on the side of the highway about eight kilometers west of the city. Standing on the top of this hill about one thousand feet high, the whole city of Khagrachhari can be seen through the eyes of a bird. The beauty of the Chengi River, which flows in a spiral stream along the bends of the hill, can also be seen from here. The sunset view is very good from here. Another interesting place in Alutila hills is its ancient cave path. A 27-step staircase descends from the top of the hill to the mouth of the cave. Cool water is flowing through the cave. The inner pin drop broke the silence and the bats and ticks chirped.

Taiduchhara Jharna


A beautiful spring found in 2010 in Taiduchhara area, about 23 km away from Dighinala upazila of the district. Even in the dry season, there is a lot of water flow in the surrounding green hills. Increases more in the rainy season. It is the largest waterfall in Khagrachari.

Marissa Valley

Maurisha Valley is about 42 km away from the district headquarters on the Khagrachhari-Dighinala-Marisha road. When you cross the winding mountain road and reach the Marissa Valley, there are only green hills all around. This is a wonderful place to take a bus from Dighinala.


Sajek is a union of Baghaichhari upazila of Rangamati district, about 60 km from Khagrachhari. The distance from Rangamati is much longer. So the easiest communication with Sajek is from Khagrachhari. You have to leave Khagrachhari city and follow the winding mountain road. First we have to go again with the clearance from Baghaihat Army Camp. The Kasalong River flows through the bottom of a small bridge a short distance from the army camp. The confluence of the Kasalong and Masalang rivers can be seen in the distance. From here the road ahead is increasingly inaccessible; The beauty is so much more.



Going to Sajek a couple of years ago was like a nightmare. There was no road. We had to take a boat ride along the Kasalong River and walk. The river path was again only in the rain. Now the road is up to Sajek. The Masalang Army Camp will continue. Write the name here and go again. Masalang Bazaar is a little further from here. Then the inaccessibility of the mountains gradually increased. After walking for an hour, you have to reach the top of Sajek Valley. Sajek BDR camp is here. Permission must be taken from the camp. You have to climb the dirt road up the hill. At one point the road ends. There is no Joe to go forward. This time you have to get down from the jeep and climb a steep hill. Just above this hill is a village of tribals.

The name of the village is Kanlak Para. The village can be visited by meeting the headman of the village. There are only a handful of houses in this small village on the top of the hill. Almost all the houses have solar power. The adivasis of this village are very sociable and have a modern attitude. Most of them are from Tripura. Some Pankhoa tribes live there. Sajek has to come from Khagrachhari city in reserve jeep. I have to leave very early in the morning and return from Sajek in the evening. Staying the night is not allowed. A jeep can carry 12-15 people.

System restaurant

If you go to Khagrachhari and dont play at the system restaurant, the trip will be incomplete. The restaurant is located in Pankhoa Para on one side of the city. Mong Lusai runs the restaurant with his wife. The restaurant has a variety of hill menus. The professionalism of this small restaurant is fascinating.


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