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Tourism or Parjatan Place of Rangamati | English
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Description About Tourism or Parjatan Place of Rangamati ..

From this page, tourists can be informed about the travel information of Rangamati district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is an hyperlink of an informative video which will give a clear idea about the place by watching the video and will make them interested in traveling.

Raj Forest Bihar


Raj Ban Bihar is close to the tribal museum. It is a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists in the region. There is a chapel, a pagoda, the residence of the Banabhanta (Buddhist monk) and the Banabhanta dining hall. Apart from every Friday, prayers are offered here on the occasion of various ceremonies. You can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Kaptai Lake while standing at Raj Bon Bihar.

Chakma Rajbari

The palace of the Chakma king is located on a small island in Kaptai Lake next to Raj Bon Bihar. This palace can be easily reached by boat. This beautiful house is at the head of a brick paved path in the shade of a tree, climbing up the crooked stairs. There are also administrative possibilities of Chakma circle.


At the far end of Rangamati town, there is a tourist complex about one and a half kilometers away from the reserve market. Inside this complex there is a well-known hanging bridge. After crossing the bridge, you can see the rugged part of Kaptai Lake. From here you can also take a boat trip to Kaptai Lake. From here you can also take a boat trip to Kaptai Lake. There are various other means of transportation for boat travel. Engine boat suitable for ten people. There is also a sampan suitable for five people.

Kaptai Lake


Karnafuli Lake or Kaptai Lake was born in 1960 as a result of construction of Kaptai Dam for setting up a hydropower plant. The clear water of this lake covering an area of ​​about 1622 sq km and the beauty of the winding hills fascinate everyone. Various engine boats for traveling to Kaptai Lake are available at the citys Reserve Bazaar Ghat. There are many such boats near the suspension bridge. But there is a little more to hear the rent.

You can rent a boat for the whole day and go to Shuvlong Bazaar in the morning. Here you can climb the stairs from the side of the army camp to the top of the hill and enjoy the immense beauty of Kaptai Lake. But beware of monkeys here. They cant be bothered. And if they do that, they can also climb. After spending some time in Shuvlong, at the beginning of the way back, there is a Shuvlong fountain on the right hand side.

Soaking the body in the cool water of the shower will relieve fatigue. Continue to see the beauty of the sky-scraping hills on both sides of Kaptai Lake. On the way you can have lunch at Tuktuk Eco Village or Peda Tingting. Tuktuk Eco Village will be read at the beginning. There are also beautiful cottage nights in this eco village right in the middle of Kaptai Lake. Its restaurant also offers a variety of hill menus. Peda tingting will be just a few steps away from here towards Rangamati town. The restaurant here also has a variety of food and hill dishes. All day long these places of Kaptai Lake are visited by engine boats. Apart from this, the modern cruise ship Kerry Karnafuli now leaves Shuvlong every day from Rangamati city. He leaves every morning and comes back in the afternoon. On the way back there is a break at Tuktuk Eco Village or Peda Tingting

Kaptai National Park

Kaptai National Park is located on the banks of Karnafuli river in Kaptai upazila, about 35 km from the district headquarters. Spread over an area of ​​about 13,000 acres, the main trees of this forest are teak, jarul, gamar, kadai etc. Apart from this, different species of wild animals and birds can be seen in this forest. The Forest Department also has two restrooms inside the Kaptai National Park.


About 21 km away from Rangamati town, Barkal Upazila is rich in various natural elements including lakes, hills and springs. Launch every morning from Rangamatis reserve market to Barkal. It is possible to go to these launches and see Barkal and come back in the evening. The biggest attraction of this route is the way to Barkal from Kaptai Lake. Apart from this, you will see the diverse lifestyle of Chakmas, Mugs, Tipras etc.


Rangamati Another place of interest is Bagaichhari. You have to go here along Kaptai Lake. The whole path is exactly like the picture. Wherever the eye can see only mountains and hills. Departure from Rangamati Reserve Market in the morning for Baghaichhari. It takes about 8 hours to go. Apart from the forest department bungalows, there are also government post bungalows. Indigenous people like Bam, Murang, Banjogi etc. can live in Baghaichhari.

Indigenous community of Rangamati

Indigenous communities like Chakma, Marma, Tangchangya, Tripura, Murang, Bam, Khumi, Kheyang, Chak, Pankhoa, Lusai etc. live in different places of Rangamati. These tribals have their own language, culture and customs. The tribals living in Rangamati celebrate several festivals in their own customs.


Baisari is the New Year festival of the hill tribes. Some tribals used to celebrate this festival as Baisuk, some as Sangrai and some as Biju. However, this festival is now known as Baisari in the entire hill area. Baisuk, Sangrai and Biju - The origin of the word Baisari is with the initials of these three names. This festival of the hills is mainly on the last two days of Chaitra and the beginning of Boishakh.

The Chakma community observes these three days in the names of Phool Biju, Mool Biju and Gajjyepajjya respectively. The Marma community celebrates Din Tinti as Paing Choai, Sangrai Off and Sangrai Upying respectively. The Tripura community observes three on this day called Hari Baisuk, Baisukma and Bisikatal. Although the three days are celebrated under different names, the rituals of the festival are mostly the same. On the first day, they clean their houses. The children decorate the house by collecting flowers very early in the morning.

Adolescents bathe the elderly. On the second day, different types of food are arranged in everyones house, everyone goes to everyones house on this day. On this day, a special term pajan is cooked in everyones house with different kinds of vegetables. Indigenous peoples own suras are also served on this day. On the last day, rituals are organized in Bihar. On the last day, a special event of the Marma community is Rilong Poeh or water play. The Tripura community organizes Goraiya dance on this day.

Tribal Museum

The National Museum is located at the beginning of Rangamati town. It contains information on various tools, clothing, lifestyle and various types of information used by the various tribals living in the hilly areas including Rangamati. This small but very rich museum is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday. The museum is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and other public holidays. Admission to the museum is for adults.


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