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Communication Information of Tourism or Parjatan Place of Bandarban | English
অবসর সময়ে ভ্রমণ করুন ও দেশ সম্পর্কে জানুন - পর্যটনবিডি.কম

Others Related Information of Tourism or Parjatan of Bandarban

Here is the link to describe the contact place of Bandarban district of Bangladesh. If the traveler wishes to travel to the place of travel, he will be able to travel with information from here. As a result, they will be able to make informed and informed decisions about the journey before they leave. Information is the key to making the right decision.


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Cloudy Tourist Compassnox

City you can go by Moon Car / Baby Taxi / Private Car / Jeep


The city, you can go to Chandigarh by Car, Baby Taxi, Jeep, Car.

Ali Tunnels


Tajingdong Victory

Its location is 4 km away from Alidam Upazila Sadar. You have to go to this tunnel by climbing an iron staircase. It is better to have a touch light.


Only in the dry season can you get around by car. You can rent a car from Bandarban Sadar or Ruma Upazila Sadar.



Shravra blue

Jeep / Moon Car private Car from Bandarban City.


Moon car,Private Car, Baby Taxi.

Kanapara Hills
Life city Hills

Moon Car Jeep Baby Taxi can be taken to Kanapara.


It can only be reached by car during the dry season. You can rent a moon car from Bandarban Sadar or Ruma Upazila Sadar.

Buddhist Metal Jadi (Golden Temple)

The city you can go to the Moon Car, Baby Taxi, Jeep, Car.


From Bagalek, you can reach the top of the hill in the Moon Car in the dry season.

Marginal Lakes
Kamlong Reservoir

Moon Car / Jeep / Microbus / Public Bus.


Keys from 12 district cities. Mr. Rickshaws, Easybikes or all vehicles can be added here.

Chimbuk Hills
Upban Lake

You can go by 13 moon Car / Jeep / Microbus / Public Bus.


Cities, Moon Cars, Baby Taxis, Jeeps, Cars can be added.


You can go directly to Nilgiris by any vehicle. So it is better if it is a Moon Car.


Cities, Moon Cars, Baby Taxis, Jeeps, Cars can be added.

Boga Lake

In the dry season, you can go to Bandarban by Moon Car.



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