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Communication Information of Tourism or Parjatan Place of Lakshmipur | English
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অবসর সময়ে ভ্রমণ করুন ও দেশ সম্পর্কে জানুন - পর্যটনবিডি.কম

Others Related Information of Tourism or Parjatan of Lakshmipur

Here is the link to describe the contact place of Lakshmipur district of Bangladesh. If the traveler wishes to travel to the place of travel, he will be able to travel with information from here. As a result, they will be able to make informed and informed decisions about the journey before they leave. Information is the key to making the right decision.


Linik of Communication Information







Dalal Bazar Zamindar Bari
Khoya Sagar Dighi
CNG can be reached from Laxmipur Bus Stand.
CNG can be reached from Laxmipur bus stand. CNG can be reached from Raipur bus stand.
Sripur Das Bari
Banks of the River Meghna
Rickshaws and CNG from Ramganj Upazila.
By bus from Dhaka, Chittagong different divisions and districts to get off at Jhumur bus stand of Laxmipur District and reach Kamalnagar upazila by minibus or CNG.
Laxmidharpara Dighi
Kamankhola Zamindar House
By rickshaw and CNG from Ramganj Upazila.
CNG can be reached from Laxmipur bus stand. CNG can be reached from Raipur Bus Stand.
Shrine of Shah Zakir

Mosque of Zvin

Shahjakir Mazar adjacent to Shampur Bazar, a short distance from the gate of Karpara Union Parishad Complex No. 7, by Rickshaw.
CNG or bus can be added from Laxmipur bus stand. CNG can be reached from Raipur Bus Stand.
Meghna River
Tita Khan Jame Mosque
You can come here by bus or CNG or by Boat.
CNG or Rickshaw can be added from Laxmipur Bus Stand.
Motirhat Fishing Grounds
Coconut and Betel Orchards
You have to get off at Torabganj Bazar by bus from 12 Kamalnagar Upazila and from there you can go to Motirhat Fish Bazar by CNG. Fish ghat at Motirhat Bazar in Kamalnagar Upazila.
CNG can be reached from Laxmipur bus stand. CNG can be reached from Raipur Bus Stand. CNG can be reached from Kamalnagar Bus Stand.

Fisheries and Training Centers

Telia Char and Char Gazaria
CNG can be reached from 14 Laxmipur Bus Stand.
From Char Alexander you can go by boat and trawler to Lear Char and Char Gazaria.
Language Soldier Comrade Mohammad Toahar Memorial
Shairshai is a Vast Crop Field
You have to come from Dhaka to Sunflower and go straight to Hajir Hat. After getting off, there is a school named Toaha Saheb on the north side of Hajir Hat Bazar which is called Toaha Smriti Girls High School. It is located on the right hand side when entering through Its Gate. From the upazila complex, Rickshaws, mini buses, CNG can be taken to the Toaha Memorial located at Hajir Hat Bazaar.
From Ramganj by Rickshaw or CNG or Autorickshaw.
Mazar Sharif of Haji Omar Ali (Omar Chan)
South Kalikapur Fakira Vita
The shrine is located in the 6th ward of the union. To reach the shrine, one has to go by Rickshaw or on foot from Ramdayal Bazar to the house in front of Haji Mahmud Munshis house, a kilometer south of Ginger.

CNG from Ramganj Upazila, Rasulpur Bazar and South Kalikapur Fakiravita by Rickshaw CNG from Ramganj Upazila, adjacent to Lamchar High School by Rickshaw, South Kalikapur Fakira Vita by Rickshaw from there.





Important Tourism Information of Bangladesh

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