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Communication Information of Tourism or Parjatan Place of Kishoreganj | English
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Others Related Information of Tourism or Parjatan of Kishoreganj

Here is the link to describe the contact place of Kishoreganj district of Bangladesh. If the traveler wishes to travel to the place of travel, he will be able to travel with information from here. As a result, they will be able to make informed and informed decisions about the journey before they leave. Information is the key to making the right decision.


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Historic Sholakia Eidgah
Historic Pagla Mosque

Kishoreganj can be reached by intercity train from Dhaka in the morning and evening. After that you can reach Sholakia Eidgah Maidan by rickshaw. Alternatively, from Sayedabad bus stand, non-AC and other super, commuting, Isha Khan bus service and AC bus can also be reached. From Mohakhali bus stand you can take non-AC other, other classic bus. Devotees from different districts can also come by reserve Bus to this historic Sholakia Maidan.


Its location is at a place called Harua next to Gurudayal Government College. You can easily reach the historic Pagla Mosque by Rrickshaw or autorickshaw from Gaital or Batrish Bus stand in Kishoreganj city.

Narsunda Lexity
Ubayy Park

Narsundha Lake City is located in front of Gurudayal Government College. To visit Lexity, one has to come to Battala or Gurudayal Government College by Rickshaw or Autorickshaw from Gaital Bus stand.


AC and non-AC, Ananya Super Transport, Batrish Gatelock and other bus services can be reached from Saidabad to Kishoreganj. On the other hand, Buses from Mohakhali to Kishoreganj leave Ananya and other classic Bus transport services.

Nikli embankment

From Kishoreganj you can come to this place by CNG or Pickup. The embankment started in front of Nikli Upazila, so this place can be seen on foot.






Important Tourism Information of Bangladesh

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