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Tourism or Parjatan Place of Bandarban | English 2
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Description AboutTourism or Parjatan Place of Bandarban

From this page, tourists can be informed about the travel information of Bandarban district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is an hyperlink of an informative video which will give a clear idea about the place by watching the video and will make them interested in traveling.


Jadipai Falls


Jadipaini Para will be the first to go about four kilometers south of Keokradong on Thaikong Road. Indigenous people can reach this huge spring by walking for another one kilometer beyond this area of ​​Bamder. The waterfall of this waterfall spreads over a wide area and falls down the hill from about 60 feet.



It is a picturesque tourist destination located at an altitude of 2200 feet above sea level, about 52 km from Bandarban city. There are cottages to stay in this tourist center run by the army. Standing in the Nilgiris tourist center, where you can see only hills and mountains. Sometimes there is a meeting of the clouds with the tourists. It is possible to visit the place day by day from Bandarban city. A jeep will cost 4000-5000 rupees to get here. There are Nilgiri cottages for overnight stays and advance booking is possible.

Prantik Lake


About 14 km east of Bandarban town on the Bandarban-Keranirhat road is a beautiful place called Prantik Lake. Anyone would love to visit this place in the shade of the trees around the huge lake. It will take about an hour to reach here by bus from Bandarban bus stand.

Sangu River Travel


The river Sangu flows through the heart of Bandarban city. Another name for this river flowing from the Arakan Mountains is the Conch River. The water of this river is so clear that the soil at the bottom of the river can be seen. Anyone would love to sail on the Sangu River. Engine boats, speed boats and hand boats are found under the Sangu Bridge adjacent to the citys traffic junction. The cost is relatively low. From here you can take a boat trip downstream to Sitamura hill and up to Taragachha in Ujanj.পর্যন্ত।



Thanchi is located about 90 km from Bandarban city. It is an upazila of Bandarban Hill. The main feature of Thanchi is the indigenous people living on the slopes of the sky-scraping hills. It is here that the beautiful Sangu river flows along the bends of the hill. The Marma word originates from Than Chai to Thanchi. Than Chai means place of rest. In the past, it was known as Than Chai as passengers used to stop at this area for rest during navigation. Over time, Than Chai took the form of Thanchi. A bus left Bandarban at 8 am for Thanchi. In addition, at 9 oclock in the morning, 12 oclock in the afternoon and 3 oclock in the afternoon, a moon car (jeep) and leave on this way. Besides, an engine boat left Sangu Ghat at 5 am for Thanchi.

Nafakhum Falls


Nafakhum is a picturesque waterfall on a remote road in Thanchi upazila of Bandarban district. Another name for it is Remakri Falls. The Remakri canal flows incessantly from a height of about 20-25 feet over an area of ​​more than forty feet. Just rocks and stones around it. It goes without saying that there is no other such beautiful waterfall in the country. If you want to go to Nafakhum, you have to go to Bandarban district headquarters first by bus. From there, ride in the moon car to Thanchi Upazila Sadar. Remakri has to come by boat from Thanchi. Nafakhum regains his full life in the rainy season. However, in the rainy season, the current of the waterway makes the whole journey very dangerous.



The hill lama is located about 98 km from Bandarban city. This place is full of natural beauty. The government travel agency Tourism Corporation has set up the Mirinja Tourism Center here at an altitude of about 1,500 feet above sea level. If the sky is clear, you can easily see the Bay of Bengal flowing from here. From Bandarban, a bus of Purbani Paribahan goes to Lama at 2 pm and a moon car (jeep) leaves at 3 pm.

Aboriginal community of Bandarban|


There are mainly 11 indigenous communities living in Bandarban. These are - Marma, Chakma, Murang, Tripura, Lusai, Khumi, Bam, Kheyang, Chak, Pankho and Tongchangya. These ethnic groups living in the district have their own language and culture. There are several festivals of the indigenous community of Bandarban. Some of these are - Rajpunyah, Vaisabi, Pravarana Purnima, Buddhist Purnima, Rakhtana festival of Marma tribes, Zum dance, Mro dance etc.


  Tajingdong, the highest mountain in the country, is about 25 km from Ruma Bazar. In winter the moon car goes up to the Tajingdong hills.

Bomang Rajbari

The palace of Bomang Raja is in the city of Bandarban. The kings successors still live in these houses. You can visit this palace with their permission.

Ginsing Klaconak Falls

Ginsing is the name of a tribal girl. And the word klaknok means falling. Ginsing is said to be the name given to the death of a Bam tribal girl who fell into a waterfall. Sinsong is about five kilometers southeast of Keokradong. This neighborhood of the tribals is also worth visiting. About one kilometer further south from here you will see this beautiful waterfall.


Important Tourism Information of Bangladesh

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