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Tourism or Parjatan Place of Chittagong | English 2
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Description AboutTourism or Parjatan Place of Chittagong

From this page, tourists can be informed about the travel information of Chittagong district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is an hyperlink of an informative video which will give a clear idea about the place by watching the video and will make them interested in traveling.


Halda River


The hill entered Chittagong from the northeast corner of Fatikchari upazila, originating from the Badanatali Mountains of Chittagong. Kalurghat came and mixed the river at Karnafuli. Prior to the monsoon season, natural fish are breed in the river Halda. About 1.5 km. This river of length is therefore an exception to other rivers in the country.

  Sitakund Eco Park


Chittagong is the first Eco Park on the north side of the Chittagong-Dhaka highway, 5 km away from the city. The Eco Park was built in the Chandranath Hills of Sitakunda and its adjoining areas in the 21st. In addition to the various species of vegetation on the bend of the hill, there are several small hill fountains inside the park. From Chittagong ornament, one can go by bus and CNG driven autorickshaw.

Chandranath Hills


Chandranath hill is next to Sitakund Ekopark. About a kilometer in front of Ecopark, a small road from the inside of the Sitakunda Market has gone up the hill. The highest peak of the mountain is 5 meters high. The path to the top of the hill is also very difficult. Shortly after leaving the market, the route has steadily climbed upwards. You can see the current route and so on. Then there is the Bhavani Temple after quite a few steps up. If you leave the Bhavani Temple, you will see the Shivunath Temple. Walking from here to the front is a small mountain fountain flowing in the

Jhirjhiri Rhythm. The road ahead of the shower is very difficult. The steps of the stairs made of the hill are quite high. You have to get up when you get up a little. Two temples of ancient botanical trees, if you have some difficulty. The old temple is named Birupaksa Temple. The height of this place is about 200 meters. Looking south from here you can see the wide Bay of Bengal. From here, the road goes east to the Chandranath Temple at the very top of the hill. The scenery around here is very attractive. Every year, Shiva Chaturvedi sits at Sitakunda for a three-day fair. At this time, the sight of millions of Hindu devotees climbing up the hill to the Chandranath Temple seems like a row of ants from a distance. Those who have trouble climbing hills can take their cars or CNG-powered auto rickshaws using the inner road of Eco Park to the top of Chandranath  Hill.



In the area of ​​Sitakunda, Borabkund is a warm stream of hills. The small waterfall is always seen in the fire. If you go about five kilometers south of Sitakunda Bazar, you will find this warm lake on the Barabakund Hills.

Bangladesh Military Academy

Bangladesh Military Academy is located in a beautiful place in Bhatiari area of ​​Chittagong. A visit to the military academy surrounded by green hills can be seen with the permission of the authorities. Although Bangladesh Military Academy was established in 9, its address in Bhatiari was on March 7.

Perky beach

About 5 km from Chittagong city, the Gahira area of ​​Anwara upazila is a beautiful seaside park. About twenty-five kilometers long, the shoreline is surrounded by a wide lake. The beauty of the sea can be enjoyed here by the fishermans fishing techniques and their lifestyle. From the city you can go to the autorickshaw to go to the park.

Bambakhali beach

About 20 km from the city is another beautiful beach with bamboo. There is a long seaside enclosure here. The bus will have to come down from the citys Bahaddarhat to Munichria Bazar. From there rickshaw beach. It takes about an hour to get on the bus.

Bambakhali Eco Park

Another well-planned tourist attraction is the Banskhali Ecopark, right next to the Banskhali beach. Ecopark is the largest hanging bridge in the country, high observation tower, restroom etc. Near it lies Chunati Sanctuary. One can see places from Chittagong in a day.


Sandwip is an island upazila in Chittagong district located at the mouth of Meghan. The island, which is approximately 12 square kilometers in size, is home to fishermen. From Chittagong, C-truck and engine-driven boats can be accessed on this island during the winter season. There are some general quality hotels to stay in Sandwip upazila.

Virgin coil


Kumari Kund is a hill fountain in Kumira in Chittagong. Here is the location of this fountain on the Kumira hill. The characteristic of the virgin kundra is that it is always lit up with about ten hands all over the place.


The historic building is located near the court building. There is a small history behind Laldighis name. This place long ago was a reservoir in Chotte. At the beginning of the British rule, the reservoir was dug and turned into a dighi. On the hill of Dighi, there were large black and green trees. During the flowering season, the swelling of the flowers would become red. This is probably why it was named Laldighi. According to many, both the magistrates court and the treasury building on the eastern side of the dighi were red. Next to it was the jail. His color was also red. At that time the jail was called Lalghar. This may have been the name of Laldighi. On the north side of Dighi is the monument of Rai Bahadur, the zamindar. The historic Laldighir Maidan is next to Laldighi.

The rocks

The main fishery port of Chittagong. The fishing trawlers come from the sea and anchor here. You have to go to this place to see different types of marine fish.


Important Tourism Information of Bangladesh

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