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Description About Tourism or Parjatan Place of Narayanganj

From this page, tourists can be informed about the travel information of Narayanganj district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is an hyperlink of an informative video which will give a clear idea about the place by watching the video and will make them interested in traveling.

Sonargaon and Panamnagar


Mograpara is on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, about 26 km from the capital. About two and a half kilometers north of there is the ancient city of Sonargaon. One of the ancient capitals of Bengal. It was an administrative center of East Bengal under Muslim rulers.

The name Sonargaon originates from the ancient golden village. In the eleventh century, the local Hindu king Danuj Madhav moved his capital from Bikrampur to Dasaratha. Sonargaon was the administrative center of South-

East Bengal until the Bengal region came under Muslim rule. Shamsuddin Firoz Shah occupied the region in the early fourteenth century and incorporated it into the Lakhnauti kingdom.

This marked the end of the independent Hindu rule in Sonargaon. The importance of Sonargaon diminished in the period before Ghiyasuddin Bahadur Shah came to power in 1322, but it became known as a port and a shawl town. In 1324, Gias Uddin Tughlaq conquered Bengal and gave Sonargaon the status of the administrative center of East Bengal.

Sonargaon was an independent kingdom of Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah from 1338 to 1352. In 1352 Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah captured Sonargaon. Sonargaon was also their capital during the reign of Isha Khan and his descendants. After the establishment of the Mughal capital at Dhaka, the decline of Sonargaon began.

The ancient monuments of Sonargaon area are still beautifully decorated. Notable among these are Panama Nagar, Khas Nagar Dighi, Ranilkuthi in Dulalpur, Goaldi Shahi Mosque, Aminpur Math, Damo Dardi Math, Bara Sardar Bari etc.

The Panam Bridge, Dulalpur Bridge and Panam Nagar Bridge, built during the Mughal period, still survive in the Panam area. There are several old red brick houses in Panam Nagar.

The location of most of these is deplorable. The paved road from Mograpara on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway to the blue factory towards Panam Nagar and ancient monuments. Panam Nagar is located on the east side of this paved road before Dulalpur Bridge.

The city of Panam was built with some picturesque installations on either side of a road about five meters wide and 800 meters long. One of the attractions of this small town is 21 old houses on the north side of the road and 31 on the south side. The city of Panama was protected by artificial canals. The canal bridge on the west side is the entrance to the city of Panam.

Folk and Crafts Foundation

In Sonargaon there is a government organization Loko Karushilpa Foundation. The Bangladesh Folk and Crafts Museum was established here in 1985.

About four thousand three hundred specimens are preserved in this museum. The folk art museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm every day from Saturday to Wednesday. Open on Fridays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with prayers and midday breaks from 12 noon to 2 p.m.

The folk art museum is closed on Thursdays. Entrance fee to Handicraft Foundation is 10 rupees. There are three picnic centers. There is also a boat trip to the lake. Folk and handicraft fairs and folk festivals are held here throughout the month of February every year. All the materials and accessories of the abhaman Bengal tradition are presented in this festival.

Goaldi Shahi Mosque


Drishti Nandan Goaldi Shahi Mosque in the village of Niribili, about one kilometer west of Panam Nagar. According to experts, the mosque was built in 1519. The one-domed mosque is rich in terracotta ornaments on the outside. The ornate mihrab on the west wall is made of stone.

The Taj  Mahal of Bengal


The Taj Mahal of Bengal has been built in the Perab area of ​​Sonargaon upazila of Narayanganj district, imitating the Taj Mahal of Agra. If you come to this white Taj Mahal on an area of ​​about fifteen acres, many people may make a mistake thinking that it is the Taj Mahal of Agra.

There are two ways to go to the Taj Mahal of Bengal. First you can cross the Kanchpur Bridge and reach the Taj Mahal directly on the left hand side of the Sylhet Highway. The second route is across the Kanchpur Bridge along the Chittagong Highway and on the left hand side from Madanpur to Gazipur to the Taj Mahal in Bengal.

Baba Loknath Brahmachari Ashram


Baba Loknath Brahmachari Ashram is in Barodi. He was born in Chaurashi Chakala, Kolkata on Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna in Bengal in 1138. He came to Barodi in Narayanganj on foot. Due to his strong spiritual strength, the devotees awarded him the title of Baba.

After staying here for a long time, he left Ihdham in 1298. The number of Baba Loknath devotees in Bangladesh and India is innumerable. Hundreds of devotees walk in the ashram premises every day.

However, the most interesting festival of this ashram is in the month of Kartik. Fasting to name the festival. After the fifteenth day of the month of Kartik, Pratishani and Tuesday thousands of fans gathered here. After fasting all day, as soon as the sun sets, the ghee lamp is lit and immersed in prayer.

When the lamp goes out, they eat. Next to the ashram is the ancestral home of former West Bengal Chief Minister Jyoti Basu. You can also take a look at Ejayagati. Twelve buses leave directly from the south side of Gulistan Park in Dhaka. Besides, you can take any bus to Mogra Para and from there you can also take a baby taxi to Barodi.

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